2amk9 & 10-Minute Plays

Hollins Theatre Institute APO Production

2AMK9 was a play written by Kimberly Patterson as part of a Twilight Zone spin-off series of short plays called The Twilight Gallery. For this production, I filmed the Host character in a TV Studio on campus performing his opening monologue that was then played on an early 2000s box television set on stage. Throughout the show various images created by, artist, Austen Easom, were played on the TV to establish the various locations of the show. These pieces are shown below. 


In addition to my work as the Projections Designer/Engineer, I also served as the resident Sound Designer for each play of the 10-Minute Play Festival. This included programming transition music between each play to prepare the audience for the tone of the piece and all internal cues. I was also the director for 2AMK9. Even though it was just a simple 10-Minute Play Festival, I gathered a whole team of new actors and technicians. I worked with my stage manager and sound designer, Maya Hart, to create a physical/practical sound design. We used trash can lids, our bodies, tree branches, dog collars, etc. to create a sound design that surrounded the audience. On top of everything, I also programmed and designed the lights for the show. The directing analysis paperwork is attached below.